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The President’s Clemency Power

The Impact of Presidential Clemency Power Presidential clemency power comes from the constitution. The president may reduce a prisoner’s sentence or pardon him for any federal crimes. Some presidents use this power to help rectify injustices from outdated mandatory minimum sentence laws. It often results in faster results than waiting for Congress to change laws. …

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Possible Outrage Over Manafort by trump Pardon due to Double Jeopardy Protection

Trump Pardon of Paul Manafort may lead possible Outrage While President Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, waited to be sentenced in federal court jeopardizing Double penetration, New York politicians and prosecutors worried that Trump might simply issue him a pardon, thereby cancelling any prison time for his crimes. To avoid this result, Manhattan District…

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Understanding Executive Clemency Powers Through Presidential Pardon

The Presidential Pardon as a Check on the Criminal Justice System Executive clemency powers garnered increased media attention lately. President Donald Trump pardoned several convicts so far to rectify perceived injustices in their convictions or sentences. In addition, some analysts speculate that he could expand executive clemency powers. For instance, allegations of illegal campaign activities…

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NY Gov. Grants Clemency to 29 with Consideration for Immigration Status

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued grants of clemency to 29 people on the last day of last year, Dec. 31, 2018. Of the 22 pardons from that group, several were issued with the express purpose of protecting the recipients from being targeted for deportation.   New York Gov. Cuomo’s Statement In a statement announcing…

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Tennessee Gov. Grants 23 Clemency Requests on Last Day in Office

On his last day in office, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam granted executive clemency to 23 people. The essential purpose, Haslam said in a written statement, was to better allow people with convictions to have another chance to become contributing members of society.   Tennessee Clemency: Gov. Haslam’s Position “These individuals receiving pardons have made positive…

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Colorado Gov. Squeezes 33 More Clemencies on Last Day in Office

Only a week after Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper granted clemency for six Colorado offenders, he ordered clemency for 33 others. This brings his total to 156 pardons and 18 commutations during his eight years in office.   Timing of Colorado Clemency Grants   Clemencies are often issued in December, as were Hickenlooper’s, perhaps because the…

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Outgoing Calif. Governor Issues 274 Grants of Clemency as Farewell Gift

On Christmas Eve, 2018, as California Governor Jerry Brown neared the end of his term, he left some citizens a parting gift: 143 pardons and 131 commutations. The San Jose Mercury News noted that 16 of the pardons were given to people convicted of crimes in the San Francisco Bay Area. The paper also listed…

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Texas Governor Issues Pardons to Six Minor Offenders

Dozens of Texans submit requests for executive clemency every year. Last year there were 92 applications. In the last two weeks of 2018, according to a report in the Dallas News, Gov. Greg Abbott granted pardons to six individuals who had been convicted for minor offenses.   A full pardon restores certain rights that people…

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Outgoing Colorado Governor Grants Clemency to Six Prisoners Doing Life

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, in his final month in office, granted clemency to six Colorado prisoners who were sentenced to life in prison without parole. All six were young at the time of their offenses, and they will now have a chance to go home. “These decisions are not made lightly,” Hickenlooper said in a…

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Pardon Definition

This article discusses the presidential pardon definition and explores the parameters of the pardon in order to shed some light on whether a President may, in fact, pardon himself or herself.Pardon Definition Pardon Definition – Dictionary The term “pardon” means to “excuse,” or give “forgiveness for a fault, offense, or discourtesy.” It comes from ancient…

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