What’s Clemency?

what's clemency

To grant clemency is to give mercy, to forgive. When we speak of an executive’s official power to grant clemency, be it a president or governor, the core of that executive power is to allow the executive to show leniency or mercy. Indeed, it is said to be an act of grace that is based…

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Obama’s Clemency Statistics

Obama Clemency

While President Obama left an executive clemency legacy, it is important to look at the breakdown of this legacy compared to former presidents. The Obama Administration President Obama left a legacy in regards to his exercise of executive clemency. From the start of his term, he stated that mercy and clemency were at the forefront…

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Clemency Project and Clemency Initiative

Clemency Project, Clemency Initiative

The Clemency Project formed in response to President Obama’s Clemency Initiative. The Clemency Project played a crucial role in providing assistance for thousands of clemency petitioners where were incarcerated in federal prisons. On April 23, 2014, the Obama administration announced a change. Instead of the stringent practices of former administrations regarding clemency, both Republican and…

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Sentence Commutation: How To Receive Sentencing Relief

What Is A Sentence Commutation? A sentence commutation can be granted by the President of the United States in federal criminal cases or the Governor in state cases. The prisoner must complete a sentence commutation petition before commutation will be considered. The federal government and each state typically have their own version of a sentence commutation form. …

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Clemency Definition – Understanding The Basics

clemency definition

Except for a few notable instances, clemency primarily lies under the radar. It is often thought of a power reserved for the lame-duck period of a president’s term, but clemency has been and is invoked regularly, most recently by President Donald Trump. Beyond its few controversial uses, it remains a mysterious concept of executive authority.…

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Pardon vs Commutation – What Is The Difference?

pardon vs commutation

Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution of the United States grants the President the power to grant clemency to persons who have committed federal crimes.  Specifically, the clause states that “The President . . . shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases…

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The Legacy of President Obama’s Commutations

Obama's Commutations

President Obama cemented a legacy when he became the President who granted the most commutations of sentences. This legacy was formed through a policy initiative to increase clemency petitions and to find petitioners who fit a certain mold. A useful part of the clemency power, granted to the President under Article II, Section 1 of…

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Presidential Pardon Rules – The Rulebook For Restoring Your Rights

presidential pardon rules

Presidential pardon rules are established by the United States Department of Justice. These rules govern how and when the Office of the Pardon Attorney within the White House will evaluate your request for a presidential pardon or clemency. Many people are unaware that the presidential pardon rules are technically not binding on the president’s use…

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