Whom did Rick synder pardon ? - Since 2011, there have been over 4,000 requests from Michigan state prisoners for commutation of their sentences.In the last ten years, 168 prisoners have had their requests granted.  Ex Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was responsible for a grand total of six of those commutations in his eight years in office. All of them were for medical reasons. According to a Dec. 19, 2018, article in the Detroit Free Press, just one of the 168 released prisoners was sent back to prison for a new crime. Most of the original crimes involved drugs (86), but 44 involved murder, 13 involved robbery, 11 involved assault with intent to murder or rob and ten involved home invasions. One of the six prisoners who had his sentence commuted by Ex Governor  was Ollie Vincent Blake. Blake was sentenced to 30 to 60 years for second-degree murder in 2005. According to court documents, Blake had been drinking and smoking crack when he got into an argument with his girlfriend, Rita (Ray Ray) Jackson, and shot her in the face. Blake was in prison once before· in the mid-1980s on charges of felony drug and weapon possession.

Granted Clemency due to Medical Reasons

The Michigan parole board recommended commutation of Blake's sentence for medical reasons. His sentence was commuted by the governor in March 2018 and he was paroled April 24.

All  six of Rick Snyder's commutations were for medical reasons, meaning the prisoners all had a terminal illness or suffered deteriorating health. More than 50 of the 168 pre-Rick Snyder clemency approvals were also granted for medical reasons.  In a couple of cases, the prisoners died just days after their release.

It isn't clear how many of the more than 4,000 prisoners who applied for clemency in the past eight years in Michigan ended up dying in prison.

For political reasons, governors tend to wait until they are about to leave office before granting commutations. Michigan's previous governor, Jennifer Granholm, issued 161 commutations in the last two years of her term. Granholm created the Executive Clemency Advisory Council to assist with reviews for commutations and pardons. But Snyder, in his first few months in office, disbanded the Council and abolished the Michigan Parole and Commutation Board. He replaced those with a ten-member Michigan Parole Board within the state's Department. The only hope of freedom for those serving life sentences without the possibility of parole is for the parole board to recommend a grant of commutation to the governor. Then, typically once every eight years, when a governor's term is ending, the prisoner has a slim chance of obtaining clemency. The process that federal prisoners use to request clemency is different than Michigan's.

Whom did Rick synder pardon ?

The following is a list of all the pardon granted by  former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder : 

Ex Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Pardons


  • Donald Almond
  • Terrilyn Aquino
  • Todd Austin
  • Nicole Bessel
  • Kevin Botta
  • Susan Bottone
  • Clinton Bower
  • Cynthia Brown
  • Ather Butris
  • Rebecca Goode
  • Peterson Haak
  • Alexander "Sandy" Harrington
  • Michael Hatchett
  • Mary Ann Henderson
  • Keith Hewitt
  • Randolph Hull
  • Jason Ibrahim
  • James Jagger
  • Tracy Jones-MacDonough
  • Nicholas King
  • Laura Kramer
  • Rebecca McDermont
  • Danielle Moore
  • Jennifer Moss
  • Dr. Lakasz Rafal Niec
  • Michael Tominello
  • Sarah Thomas
  • Michael Williams
  • Thomas VanPelt
  • Brian Syzdek
  • Haydar Butris
  • Usama Hamama
  • Alaa Toma
  • Atheer Gappi
  • Bashar Yousif

Whom did Rick Synder commute ?

The following is a list of all the commutations granted by former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder :
Commutations were granted to:

  • Frank Anderson
  • Charles Calloway
  • Melissa Chapman
  • Rafael DeJesus
  • Demetrius Favors
  • Orlando Flowers
  • John Gentry
  • Antonio Gonzalez
  • Phyllis Hammond
  • Donald Harris
  • John Harris
  • James Hicks
  • James Hill
  • Abner Hines
  • Michael Lee
  • Prudencio Loyrafuls
  • Othel Lofties
  • Thomas Morris
  • Silas Salyers
  • Kenneth Smith
  • Larry Smith
  • Leonard Stewart
  • John Topie
  • Patricia Trevino
  • Michael White
  • Daryl Woods

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Src: freep.com "Who Gets Clemency In.Michigan?...."- Kristen Jordan Shamus 12/19/18

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