Presidential Clemency Authority: What You Need to Know

Presidential Clemency Authority

Philip Vigol. Robert E. Lee. David Brown. John Fremont. Pierre Lafitte. Al Jennings. Samuel Mudd. Marc Rich. Patty Hearst. Jimmy Hoffa. Who were these people? Some of their names may be familiar to you, others completely unknown. They lived in different times, and were accused of or committed different crimes: treason, sedition, murder, bank robbery,…

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The Meaning of a Reprieve


Many use the phrase “stay of execution” in lieu of the technical term reprieve. However, the meaning goes beyond just a “stay” and has transformed into a nuanced pardon power. The Pardon Power Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution grants the pardon power to the president. The president “shall have power to…

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What’s Clemency?

what's clemency

To grant clemency is to give mercy, to forgive. When we speak of an executive’s official power to grant clemency, be it a president or governor, the core of that executive power is to allow the executive to show leniency or mercy. Indeed, it is said to be an act of grace that is based…

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