What Does “Commutation of a Sentence” Mean?

Commutation of a Sentence

Both governors and president possess the power to commute a prison sentence. This clemency power can be used to make a statement about criminal justice reform and to show mercy.  Commutation of a sentence means a reduction in punishment.  Typically, a commutation lessens a prison sentence, but it can also reduce court-ordered fines.  A commuted…

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Clemency by the Numbers

Clemency By the Numbers

Clemency statistics are now widely kept by the Justice Department and can be easily analyzed. It is useful to look at the numbers to determine how a president used his clemency power. Office of the Pardon Attorney The Office of the Pardon Attorney, under the purview of the Department of Justice, is the office that…

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Presidential Pardon Of Turkey – The Tradition Explained

Turkey Pardon

  Every year the President pardons two turkeys, allowing them to live their lives free from the fear of being someone’s Thanksgiving dinner. But when did this turkey pardon tradition begin? Clemency is an act of mercy or leniency. The President of the United States possesses this clemency power, given to him or her by…

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What’s Clemency?

what's clemency

To grant clemency is to give mercy, to forgive. When we speak of an executive’s official power to grant clemency, be it a president or governor, the core of that executive power is to allow the executive to show leniency or mercy. Indeed, it is said to be an act of grace that is based…

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Obama’s Clemency Statistics

Obama Clemency

While President Obama left an executive clemency legacy, it is important to look at the breakdown of this legacy compared to former presidents. The Obama Administration President Obama left a legacy in regards to his exercise of executive clemency. From the start of his term, he stated that mercy and clemency were at the forefront…

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What is a Pardon?

What is a Pardon Image

Introduction – What is a Pardon? There is probably no better time than now to ask the question – What is a pardon? Since the time President Trump won the Electoral College to become President, rarely has there been a day when the news did not mention the investigation into the Trump campaign’s collusion with…

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Pardons by Presidents – A Look Into History

What is a Pardon Image

The controversial pardon by President Donald Trump of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in August 2017 — and Trump’s recent musings on whether he has the power to pardon himself in the face of an ongoing investigation of his presidential campaign — has understandably sparked commentators to look anew at the presidential power to pardon. Indeed, the…

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Presidential Pardon: How to Apply

The Law Office of Brandon Sample has years of experience in applying for presidential pardons.

The Presidential Pardon While our history is full of fascinating stories behind a President‘s exercise of the pardon power, history rarely delves into the mechanics of how to apply for a presidential pardon. Here is some information to shed light on that important issue. How to Apply for a Presidential Pardon – The Background Among…

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The Presidential Pardon Process – An Introduction To Clemency

presidential pardon process

The presidential pardon process can be intimidating for anyone seeking clemency, a commutation, or a pardon. Fortunately, the bare-bones basics of the presidential pardon process and application are relatively simple. Although the process of simply requesting a pardon may seem simple, there are a number of pitfalls to avoid and some serious consequences for submitting…

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Presidential Pardon Application – How To Get Your Life Back

presidential pardon application

The presidential pardon application process can seem confusing and difficult to understand. This simple guide works to address the mystery surrounding how to apply for a presidential pardon. So often when we think of presidential pardons, we recall controversial moments in national politics: President Trump’s pardon of racial profiler Sheriff Joe Arpaio; President Bill Clinton’s pardon…

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